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punzie in the tower
Hey there! I'm Rapunzel and welcome to my tower! Stay as long as you like, but mind Mother doesn't see you!

[Indie semi-selective RP blog for Rapunzel from Tangled]

{Hey guys! Really sorry I haven’t been online lately, but I have these huge exams that I’m stressing over and they’re really messing with my writing. The torture will be over on friday so please bear with me until then! ; A ; }

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{Aaaand I’m done for today. Lots of people arguing at home and it kind of kills the writing mood. More replies tomorrow!

Aslo I’m open to plotting a thread if anybody is interested!}


"It looked like a nice tower? 

I wanted to see what was in it?
Apparently you’re in the tower. 
And you have a lot of hair!
You could play jump rope with that!”  

Of all the people that had made remarks about her hair, this man certainly was the first to say such a thing.


”Oh, I see. Sorry about that. Visitors are a rare thing here, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.”

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"Wh-Why would I be after your hair…?" the man asked, hanging into the rope he had used to scale the building. "I was called in on a case of kidnapping, and it seems I was right."

Oh.” He wasn’t? That was odd. Mother had always told her that if someone ever stoppped by the tower, it would be for that reason. ”Sorry.” She laughed awkwardly. ”Wait, kidnapping? Nobody’s been kidnapped.”

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| +5 entered the tower |


She wasn’t replying for awhile, so Hiro decided to have a look around while checking back every now and then to see how she was processing things. Her facial expressions were changing often, so it was hard to figure out how she was feeling. He almost laughed out loud at this, but he knew she would have questioned him about it, even if he hadn’t known her for so long yet. She was very curious, it seemed.

The place wasn’t large, which was a given due to how high up it was from the ground. But what it lacked in width it excelled with in height, because the ceilings were incredibly tall and there were still paintings all over it. She must have gotten up with her hair from all the bars, but this was quite a sad sight. If she couldn’t leave this tower, this is what she spent all her freetime on. Painting the walls with images of the world she wasn’t allowed to step foot into. It was truly heartbreaking in a way.


Finally she let out a nervous laugh. She must have decided on her reply by now. Hiro turned his head to look at her again, only to see her face was just as shaken as her voice. “What about your hair, you ask? There’s a lot about your hair. It is unusually long, but if you didn’t have a reason not to cut it then why haven’t you yet?”

It seemed that it hadn’t worked after all, in fact, it seemed to have backfired. Hiro seemed to be showing more interest in her hair than before.

Rapunzel resisted the urge to just grab her frying pan and knock the boy out to just avoid the whole situation. She couldn’t do that. He had no fault. It was her own fault for not watching what she saying to him.

Would it be such a big deal if she told him, though? How much harm could it cause? Not only would she get that awful weight off her shoulders but also maybe gain a friend. Hesitation showed on her face, biting her lip as she stared at him.


”Can I…” She stopped, doubting herself. Oh, if only her mother knew what she was to do. She’d have her head, at the very least. ”Can I trust you with something? A secret you can never tell anyone?”

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Disneyyandmore’s Pick a Princess Challenge ➟ Favorite Song

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| +5 entered the tower |


“Like a frog,”

So that weird frog looking thing she had seen was actually a chameleon! That makes sense. She nodded her head as she looked at Rapunzel. “Actually, yeah, I remember seeing a frog that way,” She moved forward and pointed. “But, that makes sense – because when I asked what kind of funny looking frog it was, it didn’t react nicely.”


In fact it was like someone had stepped on his tail! “I’ve never seen anything change colour before!” Arista reacted with a small gasp; as if she had just heard the most amazing thing in the world. “I can help you find him if you like?”

Rapunzel laughed. ”Oh, that sounds like him. Yes, it’s definitely him.” There was one creature that reacted in such a way to being called anything but a chameleon, and that was Pascal. She let out a sigh of relief. It was good to know that at least one person had seen him. Pascal wasn’t one to get into trouble, but she still worried about him when he just vanished.

Another laugh escaped her as she saw the way the blonde reacted to being told that chameleons could change colour. ”If you want to, I wouldn’t want to bother you though.” Although she seemed more than happy to help Rapunzel look for her tiny friend.

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Character Designs from Tangled by Glen Keane

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”Um… could you tell me where I am? I think I’m lost.”

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